Have a nosy neighbor that won’t stay out of your business? Do you have a dog sneaking onto your property leaving unwanted presents? Exteriors Inc. can help. We provide custom fencing design and installation in Portland and the surrounding areas so you can keep your home private and secure.

A strong fence has many advantages

There are several reasons why now might be a good time to upgrade or put in a fence around your property. Whether it’s at home or your business, a quality fence can give you a number of advantages.


If it’s prying eyes or neighborhood kids running through your yard, our fences can keep your home private. Our privacy fences are solid and opaque so nobody can spy through them into your home or business.


Don’t leave your house unprotected. Choosing a security fence can keep out unwanted intruders. Whether it’s burglars looking for their next big score or animals sneaking into your vegetable garden, our study fences can keep you and your valuables safe.


Sometimes, your property might seem like it’s missing something. To make it more attractive, consider adding a fence to your property line not only for safety and privacy, but because they look nice. We have several options to spice up your house including wood, vinyl, aluminum, simulated stone, and other decorative fences. Our custom fences can give you that special look you’ve been searching for.

Fencing portland

We can do any fences, residential or commercial

Maybe you’re looking for replacement panels for your existing home fence that accentuates your English garden. Or maybe you want to add intruder deterrents to thwart break-in attempts at your place of work. No matter the job, we have the tools to do it right. You can design your own fence or have one of our experienced designers plan it out for you, whatever you want.

Our goal is to see you satisfied

fencing portland orWhen we’ve completed putting up or upgrading your fence, we want to make sure you’re happy. We listen to our customers and can make adjustments if you find out the design isn’t what you had in mind. And once you’re happy with your decision, we make sure that it’s done right. If you find a mistake or flaw in your fence, give us a call and we’ll come by and get it fixed right away. Fill out our contact form or call us today for a free estimate on a custom fence specially designed for you!