Is your home in need of new siding?

Siding Camas
Siding is easy to forget about. It covers your home and you might assume it’s doing its job. That isn’t always the case, though. Even a small area of damage can lead to major problems down the line. Siding is like skin. It repels water and bacteria. When it’s broken it lets these in. But unlike your body, it can’t heal itself. That’s where Exteriors-Inc.┬ácomes in. We can repair, replace, or install brand new siding on your Camas home. That doesn’t just save you from damage now, it can save you from a major restoration later.

Are you losing out on these siding benefits?

Siding wears over time. There are some great benefits that come with newer options, but you won’t get them from siding that has worn past its prime. In Camas this is one of the most important layers of protection on your home. The Northwest is wet. If your home isn’t protected you could be facing water damage, or worse.

  • New siding comes in a wider range of patterns, style, and colors than ever before. That means you can restyle your home quickly and easily. We work with a variety of manufacturers to get great pricing on high-quality siding. Popular options include long-lasting vinyl and gorgeous wood shakes.
  • Our siding comes with extensive warranties and offers better protection. Old siding can lead to water and mold damage. Water may only work its way downwards, but mold can travel throughout the home. Not only can it cause allergies, certain strains can lead to neurological disorders. Prevent mold and protect your home with siding.
  • Licensed technicians replace underlayers and guarantee their work. Protection doesn’t end with siding. We ensure you get the highest quality underlayers as well. These help keep out moisture and protect against invasive insects. Get more from your home with our services.

Call us now for siding that insulates your home!

Worn siding won’t insulate like ours will. That can leave your home in Camas cold even when you’re turning up the heat. New siding reduces your electrical needs by insulating better. As soon as we’re done installing it, it will begin paying for itself. Now is the perfect time to start saving. Get the best service, the best products, and incredibly affordable pricing. Call or contact us today.